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Travel to International Locations

Explore one or all of the destinations we provide with Kim's World Travel Inc.. We've listed only a few below which is only a fraction to our extensive list of attractions and tours. We're always adding more. Contact us today to learn more


  • Beijing- See the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Ming tombs, and the Temple of Heaven

  • Hong Kong- It is said you could sample a different breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day and still not be able to sample all of the varieties that Hong Kong has to offer. There are more than 20,000 restaurants offerings that run from food stalls to some of the most elegant restaurants in the world. Hong Kong also offers hotels which provide basic accommodations to five star elegance.

  • Huangshan Mountains- The area covers 60 square miles with trails throughout the area. There were western style accommodations and simple hostels scattered among the mountains. While the peaks challenges climbers, the flora and fauna attract botanists and other scientists.

  • Shanghai- Known as the “paris of the East” where everything is possible, Shanghai has regained much of its past reputation as an international, cosmopolitan city. Visit the many museums and see the Yu Yuan Garden designed in the 16th century.

  • Xian- Notable attractions are the Banpo Museum, The Bell tower, Huaqing Hot Springs, and the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum.
Forbidden City in Beijing — World travel in Denver, CO
Huangshan Mountains — International travel in Denver, CO


  • Bangkok- Visit the Grand Palace or stop by the floating market where farm-fresh fruits and vegetables are sold from numerous wooden row boats.

  • Phuket- enjoy the quiet beaches, or take a boat through the Phang Nga Bay and see the massive limestone cliffs and islands.

  • Chiang rei- Known for its many temples, admire the beauty and architecture of these structures like Wat Rong Khun.
Forbidden City in Beijing — World travel in Denver, CO
Huangshan Mountains — International travel in Denver, CO


  • Sapa- Feeling romantic? Then don't miss the Love Waterfall, see the Ho Chi Minh friendship monument, or hike through the Muong Hoa Valley

  • Ho Chi Minh - heavily french influenced landmarks like the Notre-dame Cathedral might spark your interest as well the Ben Thanh Market.

  • Danang- Popular for his sandy beaches or inland for the Ba Na hills. Explore the caves that have Buddhist shrines.
Ho Chi Minh City — Tourism agent in Denver, CO
Unesco Heritage in Vietnam — Travel agency in Denver, CO