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World Travel Tours in Denver, Colorado

Kim's World Travel Inc. is a full service travel agency. When you book with us, you get more than a trip, you get a customized tour. Book a tour to China, Vietnam or Thailand! We have the most competitive packages that are custom made for you. We can also help you book tours to other destinations such as Mexico and the Caribbean. Some of the services we provide include:
  • acquiring visas
  • booking airline and hotel reservations and ground transportation
  • creating personalized tours
  • arranging transportation to other destinations
  • plan and book cruises
  • plan and book luxury tours
Start your adventure today and book your trip today. Ask us about our European trips and cruises as well. More tours added frequently!
Young couple — Vacation in Denver, CO
Senior in tropical sea — Tour in Denver, CO
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“Kim took care of all our travel arrangements. We had personal tour guides and drivers for Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. The highlight of our trip was visiting my parents' ancestral villages in the outskirts of Guangzhou.”
Elaine • Denver, CO • August, 2009
“We had a fabulous time! What an adventure and it could not have gone more smoothly. After 20 different takeoffs and landings (47 hours in the air), 7 different hotels and 20 different modes of transportation, we had only 1 travel delay (a faulty plane in Bangkok – we had to change planes), no lost luggage, no problems with hotels, it just couldn't have gone any better. All in all it was a trip to remember. Thanks for all your help in planning, it was a special time for all of us.”
Dan • Denver, CO • January, 2009